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automotores y anexos liberality of Gwenwyn is as the summer rain. My whole mills and buildings have been this morning burnt to the earth- Thou shalt have automotores y anexos thousand marks of silver, man, in the automotores y anexos of thy goods, said the Welshman; but the Fleming continued, without seeming to hear him, to number up his losses. My lands are forayed, twenty kine driven off, and- Threescore shall replace them, interrupted Jorworth, chosen from the most bright-skinned of the spoil. But my daughter-but the Lady Eveline-said the Fleming, with some slight change in his monotonous voice, which seemed to express doubt and perplexity-You are cruel conquerors, and- To those who resist us we are fearful, said Jorworth, but not to such as shall deserve clemency by surrender. Gwenwyn will forget the contumelies of Raymond, and raise his daughter to high honour among the daughters of the Cymry.
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